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Ideal Team Manager Responsibilities

  • The Team Manager is the liaison between the coach, parents, players, and the league. In addition, the Team Manager will perform the following duties for the League.
  • It is important that the Team Manager support the coach by directing all questions concerning player positions and playing time to the coach.
  • Keep the team organized and running smoothly by communicating practice information and game schedules through our TeamSnap App. It is important that the Team Manager works with parents to ensure that player availability is kept up to date for all games and practices.
  • Keep the “pulse” on the team and parents by listening and passing concerns on to the coach & your locations league coordinator.
  • Assign parents to “Game Day Tasks/Assignments” Here are examples of those; Line Judge, record game scores, photographer/videographer, snack helper, drink helper, etc. It is encouraged to rotate and have everyone take a turn. Pictures, videos, scores & all communication will be done through the TeamSnap App
  • Report the final game scores into the TeamSnap App.
  • Attend any Manager Meetings, you need to make arrangements if you cannot make it.
  • Be willing to listen to parent’s complaints and concerns.
  • Keep private information provided to you in confidence.
  • Encourage parents to become active participants in Chiefs Flag Football & Girls Play Football Leagues
  • Know the policies of NFL Flag and Chiefs Flag Football and be ready to explain them to interested parents.
  • Know the rules of the game for your team’s age group as outlined by the NFL League Play and NFL Flag Tournament Rules.
  • Handle confrontations one-on-one, not in a public setting. Be willing to listen – often that will be all that is truly needed.
  • Allow the coach to make all the coaching decisions. Don’t make promises for which you have no authority.
  • Be consistent and fair in your dealings with parents and players.

Topics of Discussion for Team Managers

 What can you promise the players and their families?

  • You can mention the team outline (tournament dates, league schedules, team training dates) for the coming season.
  • You cannot promise a certain amount of “play time”, position, scholarship, fee waiver or exemptions to the player or his/her family.

 When will practices begin and where will they be held?

  • This is an important piece of information because each player on the team will have conflicting weekly schedules.
  • The sooner you can let the parents know, the sooner they can make needed adjustments.

What is the coaching philosophy for the season? Help ensure that the coaching philosophy is shared by the coach with the team.

  • It may sound like an oversimplification, but coaches often have specific strategies that they will pursue with teams in certain age groups.
  • For example, with a younger, inexperienced team, the coach may wish to focus primarily on skill building and leave lessons on game strategy for the following season. Parents need to know this up front because it helps to prevent some inevitable dissatisfaction if the team suffers a string of losses.

Tools Available to you, the team, and coaches!

TEAMSNAP - For Team Managers

TeamSnap is an easy-to-use sports team app, and a team managers best resource! Get everyone on one easy-to-use platform—and put your focus on the next big win. Easy Team Communication.

We have purchased the Teamsnap program to provide a communication tool for your team for free! Use Teamsnap to confirm player attendance, privately chat
with team, view schedule, upload pictures, assign weekly snack volunteers, stay up to date on league related updates, and much more!

MOJO - For Coaches
We are excited to share an incredible resource that we think will really help you this upcoming Spring '22 season. 

MOJO is a one-stop coach-in-a-box app that takes the aggravation, stress and chaos out of coaching. The app sets coaches up for success by providing hundreds of activities designed by NFL FLAG and child development experts, with videos produced by Emmy Award-winning teams. And it automatically builds each team’s practice at the tap of a screen — customized to age, skill level and more. 

We want all our coaches to download the MOJO app for free. Once you create a profile, you can use MOJO's coaching tools for free, which includes an extensive library of practice activities and plans (if you would like, you can also choose to purchase a MOJO+ subscription to unlock at-home training).

After you’ve set up a profile, please affiliate with our league on the app by following these instructions:

On the “Practice” tab, select “Team” in the top right corner of the app
Tap the gear wheel next to your team
Under “Org Affiliation” search for “YOUR LEAGUE NAME”

We believe this will be a game-changer for our coaches and players. I am personally very excited about the opportunity to use MOJO — it is a fantastic resource for our families.

Check out these additional resources MOJO has to offer:

What Can a Coach Do About a Bully? Conflict on a team is normal. Bullying is not. 

6 Tips for Coaching a Shy KidWhen you want to connect with a child, shyness can be a barrier. But there are ways to break through

4 Ways to Manage THAT Parent on the SidelineFor the parent who just can’t get on board with They Play. I Coach. You Cheer!

Coaching Tips from an Award-Winning Kindergarten TeacherCoaching is as much about engaging kids as it is about the sport itself.

Coaching Tips from a Master of Improv“Yes and…” is the coaching point you didn’t know you needed

Yes, You Have Time to Coach If you have the will to coach, there is always a way

Wanted: More Moms on the FieldIt shouldn't be so hard to get more moms on the coaching roster

What Coaches Need to Know About Social and Emotional LearningAnd how to build SEL right into your practice plan

Why Empathy Is Your Coaching Superpower The ability to empathize with a player might be the most important skill you can have as a coach

As well as these helpful MOJO articles from for Parents:

How Your Kids Want You to Behave on the Sidelines-Adult sideline behavior has become such an issue in youth sports that people are turning to science

What to Say on the Car Ride Home -Win or lose, what matters is how you frame it for your kiddos


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